Pso2 hero guide

Contained herein will be stat comparisons between races and genders, mag raising, class descriptions, and skill point allocation. All that changes is your starting equipment and costume, plus you will have a couple Photon Arts or Technics already learnt. Nothing missible, in any case. One major difference is that Casts are the only race that can equip costume parts, and are also the only race that cannot wear recolorable costumes.

Certain outfits can be used by all races, but these ones come in set colors. Costumes are split by gender as well. You can also spend real money for Arks Cash AC to get even more, but these are not slots, so deleting one will not allow you to create another for free unless you have less than two total characters.

Each character will level each of their own classes separately from your other characters, but will share a common storage where you can deposit items and meseta. Most notably, they will each get their own mag for free, which you otherwise must pay AC to get more than one.

With that in mind, it can be a good idea to split the kinds of classes you want to play across two characters rather than trying to do everything with only one. One other perk for having multiple characters is each one has separate Client Orders COsa form of request from NPCs, so you can unlock highly rewarding or repeatable ones to level up or earn meseta much faster than normal. Each class also has varying stats, which can be important when deciding on a subclass or simply give you a general idea of how the class may perform.

All related passive skills will stack, and you can freely use active skills from either class. This includes defeating monsters, emergency trial rewards, or turning in COs.

You might even be able to get more EXP by turning in high level COs on a high level class rather than having the rewards scaled down when turning them in after switching to a low level. Note that a subclass stops gaining EXP in this way once it reaches 20 levels away from the current level cap, regardless of the level of your main class at the time.

Currently the level cap is 70, so you stop gaining bonus EXP at Class Descriptions and Skill Trees. Detailed below is a short description for each of the various classes in the game and one or more possible skill builds that attempt to best achieve a certain playstyle or role. The builds provided are certainly not the only way to play, however careful consideration has gone into the various choices involved in order to maximize efficiency.

Take note of the point progression and overall effectiveness of the skills you might want to take instead of the ones suggested here. The border on some skills indicates whether it is learned by default green or if it only takes effect on your main class red. The gaps within the skills are there to better display the unlock requirements for other skills.

Once you reach such a break point, you can either continue to level that skill or start learning a new one. A heavyset close range class with several ranged options and mobility, Hunter is a great all around class. Their weapons can all block, can cover a wide area or target a single enemy, and come with several grabs.Use this control to limit the display of threads to those newer than the specified time frame. Note: when sorting by date, 'descending order' will show the newest results first.

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Need subclassing advice for my Gunner. By jizaboz. Guide : Alliance Guide: What to consider before making one. By Ranmaru.

PSO2 Builds Guide

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Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search.Unitia has a Light element raid running till 16th May. Not many games let you put a chuuni mage, an office lady and a wild boar in the same party. Unitia does. PSO2 Episode 5 is shaping up to be a controversial one.

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Right at the start, some huge nerfs and buffs changed the gameplan of some classes completely. It was a mixed bag of an episode. Some changes were good — NT weapon grinding and star units made gear sets more flexible. Some were interesting, like Skill Rings and gathering. And some just make me wonder what they were thinking, like Maron Strike being a feature.

Now, Episode 5 is almost here. To usher it in, the level cap was increased to 80, with some very steep requirements. It delivered on the trailers so I guess it was okay. Feels like the new presenters are trying to find their footing though. It started off slow.

The Gix weapons are decent but not really game changers. The pet upgrades are a straightforward grind. The map itself is a straightforward Point A to Point B quest. Skip to content.

pso2 hero guide

Read more Unitia Overview. Survey wanted characters? I went for ! Page 1 Page 2 … Page 11 Next page.To preface this guide, this assumes you know nothing about the game or series. I try to use common MMO terminology to explain concepts and whatnot. I will not be going over how to set the game up or how to patch it.

PSO2 Guide List

Used by swords, double sabers, twin daggers, wired lances, partizans, knuckles, dual blades, katanas, some of the gunslash PAs, and sometimes jet boots. Works on twin machine guns, launchers, bows, and assault rifles. Essentially magic attack. Jet boots scale with this as well. PP: Basically mana. Fast recovering, also regenerates when you land basic attacks on enemies. SP: Skill points. Used to get skills within your class. You get 1 per level up.

Certain client orders give you SP as well. PA: Photon Art, basically weapon skills. Most weapons allow for use of this, and allows for customization of the ordering of PAs via the Weapon Palette.

Criticals: The bright blue numbers you get when hitting things. Normal damage is in white. JA: Just Attack, the act of timing your attacks according to the timing circle that appears around you after an attack.

Very important to master. Specifics covered later in the guide. You can do this up to 3 times for a lv 3 potential. Only difference is, these are only unlocked via Photon Boosters and only certain weapons have them. They also can come from title rewards and the matterboard.

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This term is used for the older OT weapon system. Basically an affix. Can be found on weapons or as a SAF. See affixing section for more detail. Some weapons do not have a gear skill. Those are: gunslashes, bows, assault rifles, and launchers. PB: Photon Blast.

pso2 hero guide

Mags gain a PB skill once they evolve once at mag lv The PB you get depends on the mag you have. WB: Weak Bullet, a ranger skill that about triples damage done to whatever spot it hits. You get them from various NPCs in the lobby.Advanced Search. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Hero Class Discussion.

I added an example skill tree to the bottom for those who need a base start. Second Edge Can now turn when in use. This class has the unique ability to fluidly switch between three weapon types in the heat of battle.

Heroes encompass a playstyle allowing you to change the action of your PA depending on how long you hold the button. You will only need to have 2x Lv75 classes but whether they're allowed to be of the same attack type like S-atk I'm not sure yet as I have yet to see any info on this BUT I am leaving the current method which can also be found on bumped up for people who may be looking here on how to currently unlock the class.

Hero is Main Class only. You can not set a subclass. Make sure you walk toward the quest gate to have Kofi Prompt you about the class.

If you are missing titles but have one of each at Lv75, you will need to be on that character that has the class at Lv75 to have the title come up for you, so some character swapping may be needed.

Dex and Defense stats are not covered by this skill. This skill is automatically filled in so no worries on SP waste. Since you can't really mess up Heros Tree, heres an example of a simple build. What is HR's top weapons? For example, embedded Over End is a no go. Last edited by Kril; Aug 23, at AM. If focusing on Ranged is viable That voice for the female hero, is that Megumin? Can't be a hero without conquering those. Originally Posted by AirinMikune.

Also, I hope the requirement is: Having all classes at level Legend Rank at PVP m registration fee. Not the other ones but it could that it requires at least a couple of classes maxed up. It must have a skill slot of some sort where the skills you gain depends on which other class level you have. Frankenclass, yes! Totally called it. Pretty happy about the direction of episode 5 too.

Looks cool, gotta say I like it. I'd always thought I'd rather they stay sci-fi, but the fantasy stuff really looks like it fits a lot of the aesthetic the game's gone through.To unlock the Hero class, the player must complete a Client Order from Koffie. To complete this Client Order, the player must earn a Title which requires reaching Level 75 in any two non-Successor Classes. A heavy, powerful greatsword. Unlike the Hunter 's Sword, the Hero wields its Sword in one hand, and is capable of strong, yet rapid attacks that quickly rack up damage.

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Hero's Sword is highly mobile, and has great single-target damage. When used to activate Hero Time Finishthe user unleashes a flurry of advancing sword strikes, followed by an immensely powerful downwards slash. When the Weapon Action button is pressed, the user fires bullets of energy at a target. Provided the proper Skills are acquired, this Weapon Action can be held to charge even stronger bullets that deal more damage and have a wider area of effect.

A twin pair of semi-automatic pistols. A balanced weapon, the Twin Machineguns are capable of both single-target attacks as well as crowd control. Unique to the Hero, the Twin Machineguns boast a strong normal attack that consumes PP to activate and can be held down indefinitely as long as the user still has PP remaining. When used to activate Hero Time Finishthe user twirls their Twin Machineguns, then releases an annihilating burst of energy that vaporizes anything near the user.

The button can be held down to continue twirling and continuously restore PP. A handheld device that creates cards capable of casting Techniques. Unlike the Force and Techerthe Hero is capable of using Photon Arts with the Talis, although they lose the ability to cast Techniques using the Talis' cards as an anchor point. Hero's Talis is a more support-oriented weapon, capable of debilitating enemies with attacks while staying out of the line of fire.

PSO2 - My Hero gear and build guide

When used to activate Hero Time Finishthe user generates a field of energy that pulls enemies towards it before decimating everything within its area of effect with a storm of light. When the Weapon Action button is pressed, the user throws a Talis card known as a Marking Shot, signified by a pulsing orange target marker.

When the Weapon Action button is pressed again, the user instantly teleports to the card's location. The card can be free-aimed with the Third-Person Camera, is capable of targeting enemies, and will persist even if the user changes weapons.

These are universal weapons for all classes, which can switch between striking attacks that scale off of S-ATK and shooting attacks that scale off of R-ATK.

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Note: Hero's Step has much longer invulnerability than other classes. By default, this action has about 0. In comparison, other classes with Step Advance Lv10 have only about 0. Default skill.

pso2 hero guide

Press the Jump button right when you hit the ground after taking knockback to get up right away. What this skill actually does is sum up all of the Mag's ATK values and apply that value to all of them. Do note that this skill only works on ATK values.

Enables Spirit Bullet to be charged up to two stages and increases the damage of Spirit Bullet at full charge. The increase in power of levels 2 and higher is only applied to the stage 2 charged version of Spirit Bullet. While Hero Time is active, every attack that successfully connects with a target grants an ATK bonus, up to a limit, and the rate at which Hero Boost builds is accelerated 30x.

If you Step through an attack that would have struck you, press the Attack button to execute a Step Attack with increased power. While wielding a Sword, Twin Machinegun, or Talis, press the Jump button while airborne to execute a second jump.

Gradually gain a damage bonus over time. Resets if the player takes a certain amount of their maximum HP in damage over a short period of time.

Has a chance to leave you at 1 HP if you take a hit that would incapacitate you. Does not activate if the user is at 1 HP. Only activates once per Quest. Active Skill. Raises Hate Accumulation for 30 seconds and restores PP based on the number of enemies near you when the Skill is activated.Basic Classes are standard Classes available to every character upon starting the game.

Each Class has unique traits and abilities that differentiate them from each other. Successor Classes are special Classes that are unlocked by fulfilling special requirements. Successor Classes boast power that exceeds that of Basic Classes and are easy to handle, allowing players to output immense damage with ease.

There are currently 2 Successor Classes. A player may have a Main Class and a Sub Class set to their character at any given time.

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Main Classes and Sub Classes serve different functions and work together to help bolster your character's combat attributes. A Main Class is a primary class that determines the vast majority of your character's abilities and skill set. A Main Class bestows the following:.

PSO2 カタナ解説動画

A Sub Class is a supplementary Class that bestows partial benefits to the character. This can be used in tandem with a Main Class for unique skill and ability combinations.

A Sub Class bestows the following:. Remember me. Close Save changes.

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